Osnovna škola Kreativan razvoj started working on the 4th of October 1995 as the first private Primary school in Zagreb with only three students in the first grade. Since then and over the past few years, the numbers of students now range from 160 to 200. The school has its own Kindergarten and in 2003 the Privatna gimnazija Dr. Časl was established as a logical continuation of education for our students in OŠ Kreativan razvoj.

In 2013, the school expanded even further by opening an international school whereby it follows the British National Curriculum and all lessons are taught in the English language (The British International School of Zagreb). In 2018, our BISZ (British International School of Zagreb) was chosen as one of the 8 most innovative schools in the world. In 2019, the school finished its building of a dormitory – Boarding School.

The students enrolled come from all parts of Zagreb. The enrollments are carried out in spring, before Easter. Thereafter, additional enrollments are dependent on the amount of available places in the classes. Considering the fact that over the schools 24 year history there has never been any case of violence and abuse, neither verbal or physical, nor any case of addiction; and the fact that the school and its premises have 24h electronic and physical security, this further emphasises the safety measures that our school offers to its students and parents. We value identity and our students wear a school uniform for several reasons one of which we feel protects them from the consumerism of society.

In respect to the classrooms at OŠ Kreativan razvoj, we work in small group numbers. We endeavor to ensure that the students learn under optimal conditions so that they can develop their creative skills and gifted talents. Due to the fact that the lessons are taught the whole day, students are exposed to both compulsory and elective subjects, including homework time as well as several training sessions (table tennis, basketball, soccer and swimming) which occur between 9:00 to 16:35. During the school day, students have three meals in our dining room (breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack). In reference to transportation, students are dropped off to school by their parents or through some other organised form of transportation.

Out students often travel to other places around the world in order to meet new people, encounter new cultures; learn about history and other traditional cultures. Such excursions or planned trips are an integral part of their education, growth and upbringing but not mandatory.

Many improvements in Croatian Education have derived from our school. For example; all-day classes, the learning of English from first grade, the learning of a second foreign language from second grade (German and Italian), the learning of Computer Science and Drama from first grade, a universal sports school, the introduction of school uniforms, and a proper autumn break. Students have a Physical Education every day, and after 13.00 o'clock an additional option of one to two hours of extra sports training.