Kreativan razvoj s pravom javnosti Primary School is the oldest private primary school in Croatia. It began operating on October 4, 1995 and in 2002, we opened our own school building with 3 sports halls, an indoor pool, a large orchard and outdoor sports grounds. The school has its own parking lot and 24-hour security service. That same year, a kindergarten was also opened, as was the Dr. Časl Private Gymnasium, as a logical continuation of the schooling of the students who had finished the Kreativan razvoj Primary School. Since 2013, as part of our primary school there is an international school in the English language which follows the British National Curriculum - the British International School of Zagreb.

Students are enrolled into Kreativan razvoj Primary School independently of their place of residence. The enrollment takes place in spring, and any subsequent enrollments depend on vacancies. Given the fact that at school, in its 24 years, there has never been any violence nor ill-treatment of students, either verbal or physical, and that the entire school and its surroundings is under 24-hour electronic and physical protection, it is that security aspect that has become a very important factor in parents’ deciding to enroll their children into our school. Ever since the school’s establishment, students have been wearing uniforms; a school t-shirt and tracksuit, thus protecting them from the perils of the consumer society.

Kreativan razvoj is a primary school that works with small groups of students and strives to provide optimal conditions for their growth and development and to also discover of gifted students and the talents that each child has to offer. Since teaching is organised across full-day classes with the addition of curricular and extracurricular activities, including learning and numerous trainings (football, table tennis, basketball and swimming), the entire school day runs from 9:00 to 16:35. During the day, students have three meals in our own restaurant. It is important to add that there is no organized transport and that students are brought to school either by their parents or personally arranged transport. During the week, students usually leave their personal supplies at school, but if they choose otherwise, they can take them home on a daily basis. Of course, if they participate in all elective and extracurricular programs, they simply do not get to have time to finish all their work at school and there is a need for extra work at home.

As part of their curriculum, our students often travel around the world to get to know other peoples, their culture, history, and customs. These travels are an integral part of their education and upbringing though not mandatory.

Our school has been responsible for many improvements in the Croatian education system, i.e. Full-day classes, learning English language from Grade 1, learning German and Italian language from Grade 2, Computer Science and Drama class from Grade 1, a universal sports school, school uniform, as well as added autumn holidays. Students have a physical education (PE) lesson every day; and additional one/two hours of sports activities in the afternoon.